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Blown-in attic insulation is the easiest and most cost effective way to save money on energy costs. Because it is fairly easy to install and has great insulating properties, it is commonly used to re-insulate existing homes. Blown-in attic insulation is also used in attics of new construction homes as well.

Your attic is the first place to air seal and insulate to make your Nashville home more comfortable and to lower your energy bills. Heat travels up through your ceiling during the winter and will escape through the attic.

More energy is lost through your attic than through any other area of the house!  In the summer the attic can become extremely hot from the sun on the roof. If you do not have the right amount of blown-in attic insulation, the heat will enter the living space below that you are trying to keep cool.

Attic Insulation Nashville

Blown In Attic Insulation is Great in:

  • Residential or commercial applications
  • New construction / existing homes
  • Open Attics
  • Un-insulated Sidewalls

In Nashville, your attic should have about 14 inches of insulation. Giving you an R-value of about 38 to 40.

Higher R-values are better to a point.  The maximum efficient value recommended is R-60, after that, there is a diminishing rate of return on your investment. If you think you’re among the 90% of US homes that are under-insulated,1 performing a simple insulation inspection will help you determine your insulation needs. Having the correct amount of Blown-in attic insulation can help you maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home and help save money on your energy bills*—plus, prevent major issues like ice dams in the winter.

Attic insulation Nashville

Inspecting your attic insulation Nashville

First things first, you need to go up into your attic and inspect the condition of the insulation check the current level of insulation. Your Nashville area attic should have about 12 to 14 inches of insulation in it.

Under-insulated Attic? Damaged Attic Insulation?

Many homes are losing energy due to lack of proper insulation levels. Adding blown in insulation to your attic floor is one of the most cost effective ways to minimize air and heat loss. Blown-in attic insulation can be installed directly over the existing insulation. If your current insulation is damaged by animals it can be removed before adding the new fiberglass.

Is your current attic insulation up to par? It’s easy to check! Measure the depth of your attic insulation and see if it is deep enough. Attic insulation for Nashville area homes should be R- 38 to R-40, or about 13 or 14 inches deep. For an R-60 value, the Blown-in attic insulation should be about 20 inches deep. We use Owens Corning insulation in most of our installs, but we will use a different brand if you choose. Also, we charge by the bag of materials we use, no by the inch. So you get all of the insulation that you pay for.

The other thing to look at is your Roof Ventilation. Visit our roof ventilation page for more information.

If you find your insulation needs improvement, give us a call and we will give you two estimates on adding Blown-in attic insulation. One estimate for R-40 and one for R-60. Then you can decide if the extra energy savings and comfort is worth the extra expense.

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